Monday, September 8, 2008

Day Two of our Planning

It is amazing the difference between one day and the next.

The second day of planning was how it is supposed to be. We both had ideas, and were able to communicate and put it down on paper. No tension. No fear of fussing. No misinterpreting what the other was saying.

So, as in life…the very one who you want to “throw away” today…is the very one who you adore so much the next day. Call it hormones, call it moods, call it stresses of life, call it FLESH… whatever. We are two different people. But when we take some time and get with our Savior and allow Him to direct our days/paths/plans, He brings peace.

Would you agree with me that our biggest problems could be resolved easily and quickly, if we would just spend time with our Savior first? Put off the “old man”, the flesh, the ME… and “put on” Christ.

This is nothing new for us. Yet, we still will have days like that first day of planning. Will we ever learn? Hopefully. I know this retreat’s planning time has already been much better than last time.

Last time (which by the way – was a LONG time ago) I really wondered if our marriage would survive the marriage retreat. I think we finally just decided that time to just do our own thing in our own sessions. Then in our joint sessions, Hal would just lead it by himself.

So, I guess we are learning. We have grown. We know more about warfare. We know when to get away from the planning and to pray and study (alone).

Life is a journey. I want to enjoy the ride. I want to enjoy the differences. I CHOOSE to do so. A conscience choice. It is worth it. Trust me.

Thriving today,


Ali Richardson said...

I REALLY hope we can go on the retreat this year. I know it will be a blessing. I will be out of town on MLK weekend. I'm praying everyone decides on a different weekend. I love it when you and/or Bro. Hal teaches! By the way, last Sunday night at Bible Study. You spoke directly to me. It was awesome. God is SO good!